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first solo video podcast episode:

ever since 5th grade, my chest made me feel very unproportioned and uncomfortable. After exploring all possible options outside of surgery, I decided to go for a consultation, and said that if insurance approved it and it would cost me nothing, then it's meant to happen for me. 

lets chat about it, and answer some of your questions!

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Meet Haley

I'm Haley Grimes, aka the CEO, owner, and one-woman-show behind Typical Trendz! As a current Master's student pursuing my professional counseling license, I dream of being able to help those who specifically struggle with things like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, body image/self-esteem, and PTSD. I am looking forward to learning more about things I haven't experienced and helping people work through their own struggles just as I have. My family and friends are very important to me, and I'm incredibly thankful for the both the relationships and the opportunities I have been given so far in my life.
Through my coaching, podcast episodes, blog posts, and social media presence, I hope to continue to show how being kind can truly make the world a better place, and how important conversations around mental health are. 
Let's make conversations more typical to have, together.

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