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I know how hard it can be feeling like you don't have someone who will understand how you feel, or someone you can confide in when you're having a hard time mentally. It's tough to try and think positively when it seems like everything may be going wrong, but I promise you that you aren't alone. If you want to have someone to talk to on your hard days, and are not quiet ready to commit to therapy yet, let's work together! 

Think of me as your online bestie, who always knows what to say to cheer you up, or offers advice without a bias opinion (and might make you laugh every once and while too)

what you'll get from my coaching:

- scheduled weekly/bi weekly calls on a monthly basis 

-daily and weekly check ins with prompts and activities

-access to me whenever you may need outside of our sessions, over text or chat (24/7, with regards to when you are reaching out)

-resources to help manage your mental health and a more positive mindset 

-self-help tools to help work through your feelings and control your reactions

-a better understanding of how you handle things as an individual, and work towards a better state of mind

-tips for developing a healthy routine, from a mental, physical, nutritional, and emotional standpoint

-10% off BetterHelp online therapy service code

if you are interested in coaching with me, click the link below to fill out the application and schedule your intro/consultation call!

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