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Well we all know how just when we think we know what's "IN", that all changes. As annoying as it might be that you just updated your whole closet and just sold all of your old clothes on your Instagram stories, I actually love that there is always something new to showcase.

Last winter season styles still existed regardless of the pandemic, and yes, that even meant matching your mask to your OOTD (yikes)

We saw last year lots of bright colored 2-piece suits, brown leather jackets, brown basically everything as well as neutrals, and more of the same.

Outside things got, well, bigger, with wide pants tucked into boots, vests of all shapes and sizes (cue Kim K huge puffer reference), long colorful coats, and patterns that made you able to be seen from pretty much anywhere. We also all felt the need to make sure we owned a pair of cream or off-white booties, bucket/rain hats, and colorful handbags, incase we weren't catching enough looks in the rest of our ensemble.

Now I'm not sure whether you're going to be happy to hear this or not, but this winter we are seeing similar styles but with a "New and Now", refresh. Bright colors are still here which may be upsetting to all black wearers like myself, but just flat colors are soo last year.

Remember when your math teachers would tell you that you would be using things like Geometry in your everyday life? Well I guess they were right (sigh)

While brights and neons in things like suit sets and sweaters are still showing up on runways for this winter, they are mostly trending paired with abstract and simple geometric shapes and patterns.

But wait, there's more!

All you color lovers no longer have to choose between a color when styling an outfit, because now we accept wearing all 3 of your favorite colors together!

That's right, this winter, we are wearing color clashing outfits.

Personally I'm all for this simply because I love when the fashion world decides we are now going to accept what was previously frowned upon. Whether you want to wear Red with Neon Pink, Red with Orange, or Blue with Green, the world is your runway. The media showcases this style a lot with simple pieces of various colors paired with an accessory of another color. It gives me very, "I gained some weight while stuck inside and making whatever I have that fits me into an outfit" chic, which honestly, I have never felt so understood by the media before now so I'm ok with it.

It's been a tough year, so brighten up your day and your wardrobe with your favorite colors!

Ok let's see if you're following, remember when I talked about the puffy coats and vests? Well, they're still here, and they're getting bigger (help).

This winter we are taking a new approach to "hitting the slopes" by trying to make our athleisure looks scream I CAN SKI by wearing all the puff and fluff we can find.

Found your snow boots from high school? Throw them on with some thermal leggings, a sweatshirt, and a puffer and you are runway ready!

This exaggerated athleisure look brings together all the components of athleisure with a sport that can only be sported (get it) in the winter. Before you ask, yes, you can dress like this even if you have never hit the slopes before. The whole point of this look is to make people THINK you can ski, duh.

All jokes aside, this trend is a way to make matching sets a bit warmer, and can be worn by pairing thermal sets, oversized puffer coats and matching snow pants, snow boots or any chunky/fur trimmed boot, and patterned knits. (please make sure if you style an outfit with this trend you tag me in it because I truly am interested in seeing how you all make it yours)

The last two trends I want to cover are ones that I personally use in my wardrobe every winter season, and those are leathers and furs.

Leathers are always seen this time of year simply because I think it may be considered torture to suggest leather leggings in the summer heat. I would say the same applies to furs, but, correct me if I'm wrong, furs don't stick to you when you get warm the same way leather does...

We are seeing leather jackets, coats, leggings, tops, skirts, and even accessories like jewelry. I'm a big leather fan, mostly because there are so many black leather options out there, but I have been on the hunt for a long brown leather jacket to add to my wardrobe. (side note, I wear only vegan or fake leather so don't come at me)

Now we aren't just seeing your usual black and brown leather, but going back to how the brights are a trend for this season, they are making their way on the runways as leather pieces as well. There are leather suit sets, dresses, skirts, and any other combination you can think of. Leather is making it's way a trend this year as being the main fabric for your look, not the accent fabric. Typically we would wear leather as a way to add texture to an outfit or even to give a more sophisticated look, but this season we are going all leather or nothing! (i mean if you wanna go with nothing don't tell anyone it was my idea)

Make sure to change your winter captions from "sweater weather" to "leather weather" this season... you're welcome

Another familiar winter go-to are furs, however, we are choosing between could be a ball gown or could be a crop top this season. Let me explain.

I would say in the past most fur looks had something to do with a jacket, hat, a scarf or gloves, or maybe some fuzzy socks.

This year however, we are either going full on covered in fur from head to toe, or the smallest crop jacket or top made of fur that we can find. I haven't seen anything about what furs are trending like how colored leathers are, but doing a little comparison and forecasting I would say that all white and all black furs may be seen a lot this season, and maybe even some bright colored and patterned ones.

If I was to suggest a way to style these fur coats, I would say if you're on the taller side to lean more towards a long, almost to the floor fur coat, and those who are on the shorter side, lean more towards a short, cropped fur coat. These approaches typically flatter each silhouette better, and can both be paired with a more fitted top in order to accentuate figure shapes and show separation.

Ok I lied, I have one more trend I just have to share

  1. because I think it's funny and I didn't know I set a trend

  2. it has to do with the fur, leather, and puffy stuff trends so I felt the need to

  3. I can write what I want and you can scroll past it if you don't wanna know (:

I'll give you a hint... Kanye prepared us for this (I'm sorry, I meant Ye)

You guessed it, Incognito Mode!

Thought sleeping bags were a thing of the past?

Are you never as warm as when you're wrapped up in a blanket?

This one is for you.

My reference to Kanye is because if you remember, he showcased this trend during his infamous sleepaway camp apparel show for his release of Donda.

While he may want to take credit for this trend, it was popping up from other designers before his performance, and can be recreated with a wide range of oversized hoodies, fabrics draped over your head, and more, paired with large puffers and once again, ski pants or jackets.

I don't know about you, but these trends made me even more excited for winter this year.

I have so much fun researching and sharing trends like these with you all, and personally, can't wait to rock some of these myself!

Make sure to tag me in any of your looks you have styled for this winter @typicaltrendz and I'll share it on my pages!

stay trendy and stay warm friends!



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